2024 Conference

The conference will be held at the Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island from March 7-9, 2024.  The call for papers is open (deadline, December 1st, 2023) – the link for concurrent session proposals is (https://forms.gle/rNLXsvP9Cn2uLUhd8 and the link for CMTE proposals is https://forms.gle/JbCckC42aMW4jLBf8.

Feedback from attendees of the 2023 Spring Conference reflected interest in attending future sessions that address the following topics:

-Ethics (CMTE or concurrent sessions)
-Adult psychiatric work
-Interdisciplinary work
-Program management/building
-New approaches to clinical supervision
-Clinical improvisation
-Financial wellness
-Psychology/mental health
-Advanced practice & research
-Community MT programs
-Parliamentary procedures
-Meet the Board (or candidates in an election year)
-Hospice/palliative care/end of life
-Decolonizing the therapy space
-Speech & language
-Music therapy materials
-Songwriting workshops”