Music Therapy Organizations


The AMTA is here to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world.


CBMT_3 WhiteThe mission of the Certification Board for Music Therapists is to define the body of knowledge that represents competent practice in the profession of music therapy; to create and administer a program to evaluate initial and continuing competence of this knowledge; to issue the credential of MT-BC, Music Therapist Board Certified, to individuals who demonstrate the required level of competence, and to promote music therapy certification.

ner logoNew England Region of the American Music Therapy Association.
The purpose of this organization is to advance the aims, purposes, and goals of the American Music Therapy Association within a regional organization.

American Music Therapy Association for Students,

The New England Region Student Organization of the American Music Therapy Association,
Welcome to the website of the New England Region student organization of the American Music Therapy Association! We are students from Lesley University, Anna Maria College, and Berklee College.

Passages: Student and New Professional Music Therapy Conference,
Passages is an annual one-day conference for music therapists and others interested in music therapy. The conference features presentations by students and interns from schools in the New England Region, and by music therapists in their first few years.

Massachusetts Music Therapy Alliance,
The Massachusetts Music Therapy Alliance (MMTA) is a local state organization, formed in 1980 with the intent of allying members of the American Association for Music Therapy (AAMT) with those of the National Association for Music Therapy (NAMT).

American Music Therapy Association – Mid-Atlantic Region,

American Music Therapy Association – Great Lakes Region,

American Music Therapy Association – Western Region,

American Music Therapy Association – Southeastern Region,

American Music Therapy Association – Midwestern Region,

American Music Therapy Association – Southwestern Region,

Performance Wellness, Inc.,                      Performance Wellness, Inc. (PW) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting the mind-body health needs of performers and professionals from all walks of life. Our clinically-tested programs integrate techniques from the fields of music therapy.

Center for Music Therapy in End of Life Care,              The Centers for Music Therapy in End of Life Care provide training opportunities for professional and student music therapists, social workers, nurses, chaplains, among others.

The Bonny Institute,
The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music is a process focusing on the conscious use of imagery arising in response to a formalized program of relaxation and classical music.

Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy,
Voices seeks to nurture an inclusive international profile of music therapy and will encourage contributions from every continent.

World Federation of Music Therapy,
The World Federation of Music Therapy, Incorporated (WFMT) is the only international organization dedicated to the development and promotion of music therapy world wide and was established at the 5th World Congress of Music Therapy in Genoa Italy.

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy,
Music therapy services to adults and children in the UK and abroad, with training in therapy to the professional level. Information on international research, the Centre, what is music therapy, services, library facilities, fund raising, conferences.

Association of Professional Music Therapists,
Association of Professional Music Therapists, APMT, Music Therapy, BSMT, British Society of Music Therapy.

CAMT: Canadian Association for Music Therapy,
The CAMT is the national body promoting music therapy and supporting, advocating and accrediting music therapists in Canada.

Australian Music Therapy Association, The Australian Music Therapy Association Inc. was founded in 1975 as the sole Australian organization for the profession of music therapy. It is a member of the World Federation of Music Therapy and the Music Council of Australia.
Japanese Music Therapy Association, The Japanese Music Therapy Association (JMTA) is a private organization which was established on April 1, 2001. You can visit their website both in Japanese and English.