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Bylaws NER-AMTA Updated 4.21.2018 with table of contents

Board Support Request Form (Password Protected)

Regional Voting Members


Adrienne Flight, MMT, MT-BC


Brian Jantz, MA, MT-BC, LPMT

Immediate Past President

Judy Engel, MM, MT-BC

Vice President

Channing Shippen, MT-BC

Vice President-Elect

Kathlynn Sell, MT-BC


Cecilia Burns, MMT, MT-BC


Rebekah DeMieri, MA, MT-BC

Assembly Delegates

Heather Wagner, PhD, MT-BC
Eve Montague, MSM, MT-BC
Joy Allen, PhD, MT-BC
Meredith Pizzi, MPA, MT-BC

Assembly of Delegates Alternate Elect

(Incoming, in order of being called)
Emily Bevelaqua, MMT, MT-BC
Julie Andring, Ph.D., MT-BC

Assembly Delegates(After NOVEMBER)

Eve Montague, MSM, MT-BC
Heather Wagner, PhD, MT-BC
Joy Allen, PhD, MT-BC

Assembly of Delegates Alternate Elect(After NOVEMBER)

Kayla Daly, MT-BC, LMHC
Meredith Pizzi, MPA, MT-BC
Jean Nemeth, PhD, MT-BC
Maddy Ventre, MS, LCAT, MT-BC

Non-Voting National Committee Members

Academic Program Approval of AMTA

Heather Wagner, PhD, MT-BC

Association Internship Approval Committee of AMTA

Eve Montague, MSM, MT-BC, National Co-Chair

Brian Jantz, MT-BC

Clinical Practice Networking Committee of AMTA

Eva Vukich, MA, MT-BC

Continuing Education Committee of AMTA

Julie Andring, PhD, MT-BC (National Co-Chair)
Jean Nemeth, PhD, MT-BC (National Co-Chair)
Amanda Reopell,  MT-BC

Diversity and Multiculturalism Committee of AMTA

Marisol Norris

Ethics Board

Jennifer Sokira, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC

Jennifer DeBedout, MM, MT-BC

Financial Committee

Dorothy Stapleton, MT-BC

Government Relations Committee of AMTA

Nicole O’Malley, MMT, MA, MT-BC

International Relations Committee of AMTA

Meg Capen, MT-BC

Interprofessional Collaborative Resources Committee of AMTA

Caitlin Hyatt, MT-BC

Judicial Review Board Committee of AMTA

Julie Andring, PhD, MT-BC

Heather Wagner, PhD, MT-BC

Membership Committee of AMTA

Mark Fuller, MT-BC

      Kathlynn Sell, MT-BC

Professional Advocacy Committee of AMTA

Emily Bevelaqua, MMT, MT-BC, National Co-Chair

Maggie Connors,  MT-BC, Regional Representative

Reimbursement Committee of AMTA

Thomas Hayden, MM, MT-BC

Research Committee of AMTA

Joy Allen, PhD, MT-BC

Standards of Clinical Practice Committee of AMTA

Wendy Krueger, MA, MT-BC

Student Affairs Advisory Board of AMTA

Kayla Daly, MT-BC, LMHC

Technology Committee of AMTA

Cassandra Mulcahy, MMT, MT-BC

Workforce Development and Retention Committee of AMTA

Sarah Gagnon, MT-BC

NER Committees and Regional Positions

Communications Team
Newsletter Editor

Amanda Reopell, MT-BC


Cassandra Mulcahy, MMT, MT-BC

Social Media

Kate Lamoureux, MT-BC

Conference Committee

NER/AMTA Conference Site Chair

Nancy Perkins, MA, CMT

Conference Chair

Channing Shippen, MA, MT-BC


Kate Lamoureux, MT-BC

Membership Support Committee

Kathlynn Sell, MT-BC

Marissa Scott, MT-BC

Elected by NER-AMTAS to NER Executive Board

Student Representatives

 Shari Hallas, NER-AMTAS President

       Diana Cortes, NER-AMTAS President Elect

 Invited to NER Executive Board

Passages Conference Chair
Current MMTA Co-ChairsC

Special Presidential Appointments per AMTA

Disaster Relief Representative

Jennifer Sokira, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC

Anti-Harrassment Workgroup

Eve Montague

Active Listening Workgroup

Wendy Krueger

Assembly Delegate Workgroup

Carylbeth Thomas

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