Call for Nominations

Hello, New England Region Music Therapists —


The Nominating Committee is excited to share that 2023 is an election year for the NER Executive Board. Please self-nominate or nominate a peer if they are willing! The positions are: 


  • President-Elect: 6 year commitment (2023-2029)
    • The President-Elect serves two years in each of the following roles: President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. 
    • They assist the President as requested, learn about the role by assisting, present proposed amendments at annual meetings, and assist the Vice-President with conference planning as assigned.
  • Vice President-Elect: 4 year commitment (2023-2027)
    • The Vice President-Elect serves for two years as Vice President-Elect and then two years as Vice President. 
    • They learn by assisting the Vice President with conference planning. As Vice President, they are the Chairperson of the NER annual regional conference, and might have other duties as needed.
  • Treasurer: 2 year commitment (2023-2025)
    • The Treasurer pays NER’s bills, keeps itemized accounts of all receipts and disbursements, presents financial reports to the President and at meetings, serves as member of the Budget Committee, and maintains oversight of the NER-AMTAS accounts in partnership with the SAAB representative and neramtas.
  • Secretary: 2 year commitment (2023-2025)
    • The Secretary keeps minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board and of the general membership, and within two weeks of each meeting, submits minutes to the Executive Board and committee representatives.

  • Assembly Delegate or Assembly Alternate: 2 year commitment
    • Assembly meets at least once per year during the fall at the AMTA conference (whether in person or remote), and also during the year as needed. 
    • Delegates represent the Region at AMTA Assembly and make reports to the Region at regional and national conferences (or more frequently if needed).
    • NER has 3 Assembly Delegates and 4 Assembly Alternates.

Please review the NER Bylaws, where you’ll find full descriptions for each position:


The following is required to serve on the NER-AMTA board:

  • a commitment to maintaining professional AMTA membership status; and
  • attendance at four regional board meetings per year. They usually take place in March/April at the NER Regional Conference, June, September/October, and February. 


If you are interested in running for any of these elected positions, please complete the Google Form no later than 7am on April 18, 2023. It will ask for: 

  • a letter of interest to the NER-AMTA Nominating Committee; and
  • a biography of 100 words or fewer for member reference or use on the ballot


The election will be held at the NER Conference during the Membership Meeting on Friday, April 21, 2023 in Stowe, VT.


If you’d like to discuss the roles or have any questions about this, please reach out to 


In service,


NER 2023 Nominating Committee

Adrienne Flight MMT, MT-BC

Nicole O’Malley, MA, MT-BC

Mary Reinsch, MT-BC