Call for Research Poster Session Submissions 2018 AMTA National Conference Dallas, TX November 2018

Individuals are encourag ed to submit content information describing works in progress and/or completed works for Oral Presentation (Paper) or Poster Presentation. Diverse methodologies are encouraged.


Submission deadline is June 10, 2018 by 5 pm CST.


Online Submissions

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Format Options


Authors must submit information as “Paper only”, “Poster Only”, or “Paper or Poster” by indicating preference during the submission process. Researchers are encouraged to submit using the “Paper or Poster” option. Information submitted using this option will be considered and selected for either option by the Research Committee.


Oral Presentations (Paper Presentations)

Individual oral papers provide researchers the opportunity to present original work related to music therapy. Presenters will have 15-minutes to present and 5 minutes to answer questions from attendees. Oral Presentations will be scheduled during a Concurrent Session time block Saturday, November 17 from 11:15am to 12:30pm.


Research Poster Presentations

The Research Poster Session provides an interactive forum for researchers to discuss their work with conference attendees.

The Research Poster Session is Saturday, November 17 from 2:00 to 4:00pm. Presenters will be assigned a location to put up each poster, and posters will be organized by topic as related to MTR 2025 goals.


Student Awards


Music therapy students are eligible for best poster awards. Abstracts will be published in Music Therapy Perspectives.

One undergraduate and one graduate submission will be chosen.

In order to be considered for this award, indicate in the submission online process if the first author is a music therapy student and what level (undergraduate, masters/masters equivalency, doctoral) and if you wish to be considered for this award.

Submission Process


The following bullets will correspond to questions on the online submission process and we ask that you plan accordingly for submission and review by the AMTA Research Committee.


  • Introduction, objective, phenomenon under investigation, hypotheses or research questions
  • Description of rigorous and relevant research methods (e.g. qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, systematic reviews, theoretical frameworks, philosophical papers)
  • Description of research participants if applicable and data gathering methods
  • If the study is completed:

Description of the data analysis and results

Summary of findings supported by presented data


  • If the study is in progress:

Description of intended data analysis

  • Statement of how the research advances music therapy clinical practice.


Each submission must include complete information for judging research quality.


The deadline for submissions is JUNE 10, 2018. If, after 5 days of submission you have not received a confirmation of your submission being received contact Cindy Colwell by email at or phone (785) 864-9635.


After a blind review by the committee, each corresponding author will be notified via email by July 31 of acceptance or rejection of the submission.


Online Submissions

(if link does not work when you click, cut and paste into your browser)

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