Call for Steering Committee Nominations!

The Faculty Forum Steering Committee is a group of eight educators looking to host online and in-person events to support music therapy educators and provide a space for important conversations around music therapy education. The current committee is: Suzy Sorel from Molloy, Melanie Kwan from Washington Adventist, Jan Schreibman from University of Indianapolis, Raquel Ravaglioli from Marietta College, Debbie Gombert from Eastern Michigan University, Andi McGraw Hunt from Rowan University, Vicki Vega from Loyola University, and Andrew Knight from Colorado State University.


The steering committee was formed in 2018 to create a structure for shared faculty governance and to create events to engage in the tasks of the steering committee, which are to establish trust, build community, and create avenues for conversation; to be conscientious of not taking a side on issues, and to serve as a liaison between faculty and AMTA. We have been and will continue to be a group that encourages open and collegial conversation amongst all participants while maintaining independence from AMTA and any other formal music therapy body.


This is the second iteration of the steering committee, and we are in our second and final year of service as a group.Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to serve on this committee.


Just click on this link to add name and email address, or ask the current committee a question about this role by emailing us at