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Thank you, 
NER Board


Please welcome our newest Expanded NER Board Leadership appointments:

Joy Allen- Research Committee Representative

Amanda Goff- Muse Newsletter Editor

Caitlin Hyatt- Interprofessional Collaboration Committee Representative

Kate Lamoureux- NER Historian

Wendy Krueger- Standards of Clinical Practice Committee Representative

Sarah Gagnon- Workforce Development and Retention Committee Representative

There are several openings still available please email to inquire about:

– Membership Support Committee member (national conference not required)

-Membership Committee Representative

-Continuing Education Representative

-Diversity and Inclusion Committee Representative

-Clinical Networking Committee Representative

* Please note these Committee Representative are required to attend national conference.

Judy Engel, MM, MT-BC

NER-AMTA, President

NER-AMTA Bylaws Change

Hello NER-AMTA Members,

Every year, members from the NER-AMTA Board participate in an internal audit of NER’s financial records. This involves verifying each transaction from the corresponding fiscal year and ensuring that the correct record keeping procedures have been followed.

The NER-AMTA board would like to propose one small change to the Article VII. Section 1 of our Bylaws. This section outlines who is eligible to participate in the annual internal audit, and the change broadens this.

The existing (old) language for Article VII. Section 1 reads as follows:

The Auditing Committee shall consist of the Treasurer and at least two Executive Board members, or the Treasurer and an accountant, who shall audit the Treasurer’s books at the end of the fiscal year, July 1 to June 30, and shall report findings to the Executive Board and the region.

The proposed change (new) language for Article VII. Section 1 reads as follows:

The Auditing Committee shall consist of: (a) the Treasurer and at least two professional AMTA members (one Executive Board member and one member at-large, or two Executive Board members); or (b) the Treasurer and an accountant. The Auditing Committee shall audit the Treasurer’s books at the end of the fiscal year, July 1 to June 30, and shall report findings to the Executive Board and the region.

In summary, this change allows members at-large to participate in the annual internal audit, increasing member access to this process, and further providing transparency.

This is the only change being proposed at this time.

The NER-AMTA members will vote on this proposed change on Friday, April 20, 2018 during the Business Luncheon at the NER-AMTA annual conference at Water’s Edge in Westbrook, CT. If accepted, the change will become effective on April 21, 2018. Please read this proposed change before the Business Luncheon and send any comments/feedback to before the Business Luncheon.

Adrienne Flight MMT, MT-BC
NER-AMTA President-Elect


Current NER AMTA Bylaws

Scholarship Review Committee

Hello NER-AMTA Members,
Rebecca Preddie, AMTA Scholarship & Grants Coordinator is looking for some willing Scholarship Reviewers (5-6 volunteers) that will be part of the AMTA Scholarship Review Committee.  This is a great opportunity for NER-AMTA members who do not have the ability to be involved in large, year round projects, but DO have the ability to work from home for short periods of time.  
By agreeing to be a Scholarship Reviewer, you must be a current AMTA member. You will review for at least three AMTA scholarships offered within the calendar year (January 2018 – December 2018), will be provided with blinded applications and rubric sheets (in the majority of cases), and will typically have 7-10 days to review 2-10 brief applications and return results.  If you are interested, please send your name and email address to  before 4/17/18.  
Please note: this is FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED, you will be notified if your name is submitted to AMTA.




We are anticipating an exciting conference with the various concurrent sessions, annual Cabaret, and a plethora of CMTEs. This year’s focus is Uniting in Diversity: Bringing Together the Individuals of the Music Therapy Community. We are back at beautiful Water’s Edge in Westbrook, CT and hope to see you there!

Master’s Level Entry (MLE) TOWN HALL

On Friday April 20, 2018, the NER Assembly Delegates and members of the former MLE committee will be hosting an unopposed Town Hall from 5:00-6:15pm. Please plan to attend. As a member of the NER-AMTA, the central question will be what additional considerations you would like the Board to consider before the Board makes a decision on the MLE Final Report?


The primary focus of the Town Hall is to provide NER music therapists the opportunity to engage with the Assembly delegates while the former MLE committee members encourage questions. Those questions will then be recorded (anonymously if desired) and submitted to AMTA Board of Directors for further consideration.


Please email all questions to Questions will be read and recorded by members of the NER-AMTA Assembly of Delegates. There will also be an opportunity to submit questions on-site at conference.


Take this time to thoroughly read through the lengthy MLE considerations posted on the AMTA website. They are available here:


As you read the MLE considerations, please think about what additional considerations you would like the AMTA Board of Directors to reflect on before a decision is made on the MLE Final Report.


Hope to see you all soon!

Judy Engel, MM, MT-BC

President, NER-AMTA

Level 1 GIM Training Institute

Dear Colleagues,

Conference preparations are in full swing!  We are so excited to bring to you this Level I GIM training Institute.  This 25 CMTE institute, which will take place April 16-19 2018, is sure to fill up quickly, so reserve your space today!  If you are interested in registering early, please email


NER-AMTA Call for positions

Calling all NER-AMTA Members,
We are looking to fill several non-voting positions and we need you! Please share your passion for music therapy and willingness to
serve. The NER-AMTA Extended Board is interested in finding the ideal candidates for these regional positions. Please send your
Statement of Interest describing your qualifications and interest in being considered for these positions to Judy Nguyen Engel, NER-
AMTA President, All Submissions due by 4/10/18.
NER Historian
**This is a brand NEW position**
-Passion for capturing and preserving history of
music therapy the New England region
-See NER Bylaws, Article V Section 4 for additional
Muse Newsletter Editor
-Professional AMTA member
-Excellent written communication skills
-Computer literacy, specifically with MailChimp
-See NER Bylaws, Article V Section 3 for additional
NER Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (3 positions)
GOAL: to promote inclusion and diversity within the
NE region
-2 year service commitment
-Reports to Diversity and Multiculturalism
committee representative, who will act as the Board
-Has a strong interest in creating and identifying
ways for inclusion
NER Internal and External Funding Task Force (3
GOAL: to explore internal and external funding for
development and research of music therapy in the
New England region
-Will report guidance and tasks for implementation
-1 year service commitment
-Research expertise
-Interest and willingness for research and grant
-Reports to Research committee representative and
Financial Chair, who will act as the Board liaisons
Standards of Clinical Practice Committee
-Professional AMTA membership required.
-Two years of clinical experience desirable.
-Familiarity with the AMTA Standards of Clinical
Practice required.
-See AMTA’s Handbook for Councils and Standing
Committees for full positions details.
-AMTA regional/national conference required
Research Committee Representative
-Professional AMTA membership required.
-Experience with and knowledge of research
methodology required.
-Graduate degree desirable
-Publication(s) desirable
-Previous committee experience desirable
-See AMTA’s Handbook for Councils and Standing
Committees for full positions details
-AMTA regional/national conference required
All committee representatives are required to: maintain professional AMTA membership, attend regional and
national conferences which include board meetings, and conference calls, and lastly work well as part of a team.
Please note: The requirements listed after each standing committee position were taken from the AMTA Handbook for Councils
and Standing Committees.
The NER Extended Board Appointment Process
1) Candidates submit their statement of interest to the NER-AMTA President.
2) The President will review the pool of candidates for each position and select the person that is best suited for
the position.
3) The President will then present the name of the nominee to the NER-AMTA Executive Board, along with their
statement of interest.
4) The NER-AMTA Executive Board will then vote to affirm the President’s choice for the appointment. If affirmed,
the nominee selected is confirmed to the committee/position. If the candidate is not affirmed, the President will
again review the pool of candidates and/or continue a search for the person best suited for the position and
resubmit a name to the NER-AMTA Board for their approval.

MLE Considerations

AMTA’s Master’s Level Entry (MLE) Subcommittee have updated the MLE Considerations.  You can find the document on the AMTA website here:

Pay it Forward Scholarship

Dear Colleagues,

NER-AMTA is thrilled to continue supporting its members through the Pay it Forward scholarship for a second year! As part of the Pay it Forward campaign, NER-AMTA asks applicants to commit to a non-financial contribution to the region, in exchange for partial coverage of AMTA membership. In this way, awardees will pay their membership assistance forward to support the profession and music therapy in the New England Region.

You may now apply at the link below, until  January 10th, 2018

Pay it forward


In memory of Sonja Granskou

Dear NER community,

Just want to share that our community has lost a bright, beautiful soul. My friend and music therapist, Sonja Granskou, passed away on August 4, 2017. I met Sonja a few years ago and was immediately inspired by her smile and positive, gentle way of being. Sonja was a radiant light who loved nature and loved to sing. One of her favorite songs was “Climb Every Mountain.” And boy, did she climb mountains! Sonja received her Master of Arts in Music Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University in 2009 and a Master of Music in Performance Voice in the Graduate Opera Program at Boston University in 1996. She had a gorgeous voice and loved working as a clinician and music therapist. We liked singing together and talking about our wonderful music therapy community.

Sonja was from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. One of the biggest mountains that Sonja climbed in her life was her healing journey from ovarian cancer. Sonja did everything possible to heal, researching and using conventional and many alternative treatments (even going to Vienna, Austria). I admired her sense of humor, strong will to live, her diligence, her faith and most of all her ability to be vulnerable and at peace with whatever the outcome. Sonja’s light is very bright. I truly believe that her light is with all of us in this community and her spirit is flying free with the angels and God in heaven. God bless you Sonja. We love you!!

Please email or call me if you would like to mail a card and I will send the address. Sonja also has a Facebook page if anyone would like to post a message there as well.

Thank you,


Lauren Calista Angelone

(617) 780-8530

Memorial Services for Sonja (USA and Canada):

Where: First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington (Sonja’s Boston church). 630 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA.

When: Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 2:00 pm. Refreshments to follow.


Where: Christ Lutheran Church (Sonja’s Waterloo church).

445 Anndale Ave, Waterloo, ON.

When: October 22, 2017 at 1:00 pm. Refreshments to follow.

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