Disaster response statement

Dear NER music therapy community,

It can be frustrating to stand by while those around us are in crisis. While nothing is more out of our immediate control than natural disasters, shared chaos can also invite support and community care from bystanders who aren’t as acutely experiencing hardship.
We are sending love and comfort to our colleagues in Vermont. Given the recent flooding in areas of the state, we also want to encourage anyone experiencing displacement or other trauma due to the floods to seek support from your local community. Please keep the NER board apprised of your situation so we can connect you to resources as they emerge.
While we might be inclined to donate our time and energy to physically aid Vermont disaster response teams, the state government asks that anyone interested in volunteering for the relief effort fill out this application and wait until you are contacted before trying to assist in person.
Vermont MTs, please stay safe and stay in touch.
Wendy Krueger, MA, MT-BC

President, NER-AMTA