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Full time Music Therapist: VA CT Healthcare System, West Haven,CT

Edit 11/21: Would you please update site as position will finally be posted Nov 23 Friday to Nov 29 Thursday

Apply on USAjobs. gov and look under public announcements
People can call me with any questions 203-932-5711 ext 5439
Thank you

Edit: The 40 hour per week Music Therapy position at the VA CT Healthcare in West Haven, CT, has been posted (again). It is an internal posting until Oct 5th. It is then scheduled to be open for 5 days to the General Public. Please look only on USAjobs.  Create an account, read the description, be sure you are thorough with instructions.  If you have any questions, please contact Bobbi Blake, Music Therapist, at VA CT 203-932-5711 ext 5439 or e-mail Roberta.Blake@va.gov

Full time Music Therapist (40 Hours) for VA CT was posted for internal candidates on September 7th but had the wrong closing date and was taken down. It will be re-posted, hopefully very soon. As of Sept 11, it is still not re-posted. However, the part time ART Therapy position HAS been posted for external candidates for Sept 10-14.  This is not the MUSIC Therapy position.

Please keep checking USAjobs only.

Any questions contact Bobbi Blake, MT-BC

at  VA CT 203-932-5711 ext 5439

A full time (40 hours) Music Therapy position at VA CT Healthcare in West Haven, CT offers a wonderful opportunity to work with our Veterans. VA CT is seeking a Board Certified Music Therapist or eligible Board Certified Music Therapist with strong clinical skills in mental health, hospice, palliative care, and pain management. However, a candidate with strong clinical skills in any of these areas will be considered. There are possibilities to expand into NMT, and opportunities for research. There may be an assignment to the Newington Campus (near Hartford) for 4 hours per week. Starting salary is $70,111 with health benefits, dental options, vacation leave, sick leave, federal holidays, retirement/savings plans, and approved leave time for conferences. The position will be posted as Monday through Friday 9am-5:30pm.

The job may be posted in late June but more likely posted in JULY. It is posted internally for 3 weeks and then externally for ONLY 5 DAYS. For this reason, it is recommended that you complete the lengthy online application (this may take at least 3-4 hours) NOW through www.usajobs.gov Your application will be saved and you can apply for the position when it is posted. There may be two other positions posted at the same time from VA CT: a part time Creative Arts Therapist (ART) and a Recreation Therapist. You want to be sure to apply for the Creative Arts Therapist (MUSIC). The application process also requires transcripts and resume. It is recommended that you cut and paste resume into the application form.

Applicants are rated through Human Resources at another VA facility.

Be sure to add all credentials and experience (professional, internship, volunteer, community work, committee work). Be sure to read each question very carefully and answer each question fully and in detail where asked.

The VA is in West Haven, CT which is just outside of New Haven, the home of Yale University School of Music which provides the city with free concerts most of the year. The city also hosts a prestigious International Festival of Arts and Ideas for several weeks each June. New Haven has a strong arts community with many music, art, theater and dance venues. Located on the shoreline of Long Island Sound, West Haven is about 1.5 hours to New York City, 2.5 hours to Boston and 45 minutes to Hartford. It’s on the Amtrak and commuter train lines and is near Tweed Airport in East Haven.

If you have questions, please contact Bobbi Blake, MT-BC at the VA 203-932-5711 ext 5439 or Roberta.Blake@va.gov Between June 28-July16 you can contact Michael Rose, the Chief of Recreation/Creative Arts Therapies at 203-932-5711 ext 2204.