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Important: Conference Registration FAQ

Hello NER,

For the past few years we have used the Regonline System. This system has aided in drastically reducing and streamlining many tasks our volunteers have had to hand check in the past. I have observed a number of frequently asked questions that I feel would be useful to have on hand publicly. All of this information is also available on registration form in strategic locations. 


1. Question: Why won’t my membership number work?

1. Answer:  If you are registering as an AMTA member to receive discounted member pricing, you will need to enter a current AMTA Membership Number.  Regional numbers are distributed to us once a week.  If you recently became an AMTA Member or renewed your AMTA Membership, you may need to wait  until this number is distributed and input into our system for registration.


2. Question: I am a member with an address outside of the region. How will you receive my membership number?

2. Answer: Registrants from outside the region must email a screenshot receipt of your membership number and forward to


3. Question: How do I contact you?

3. Answer:  There are many ways! You can connect directly through our website. However, is the most preferred and efficient way.  You may also text or call (617) 276-5213.  FYI: Cassandra is the point of contact. This is her personal mobile phone, please be kind. 


4. Question: How can I be eligible to receive an AMTA member discount price before early bird deadline?

4. Answer: You will be guaranteed eligibility for membership regular registration rate if your membership is renewed by Friday March 3rd at 4:00 PM. Registration will be updated on Saturday March 4th, and you will have until  Monday March 6th at 11:59 PM EST to take advantage of the regular conference rate.  We cannot guarantee the regular rate for those who renew their registration after  Friday March 3rd at 4:00 PM.  

Please see Answer 2 if you are out of region.