LGBTQIA2+ Music Therapy Affinity Group

The LGBTQIA2+ Music Therapy Affinity Group is up and running!


To organize, advocate, communicate, connect and bring about positive and systemic change related LGBTQIA2+ topics/issues in the field of music therapy. 

Group Values/Goals: 

  • Hold space for/support the needs of professional LGBTQIA2+ music therapists 
  • Support the educational needs of LGBTQIA2+ music therapy students 
  • Advocate for the specific needs of LGBTQIA2+ clients 
  • Intentionally amplify the voices of LGBTQIA2+ people with intersectional identities 

    Who? Currently we have 14 members on our board. The board consists of
    students and professionals from diverse backgrounds: 
     Emily Alberici (she/her)
    Kate Bautch (she/her)
    Nicole Gilberti-Martin (she/her)
    Wei Lo (she/her)
    Lance Merrell (he/him)
    Emma Moonier (she/her)
    Leah Oswanski (co-chair) (she/her)
    Megan Perera (she/her)
    Carly Poloskey (she/her)
    Beth Robinson (co-chair) (they/them/he/she)
    Nicole Steele (she/her)
    Angie Sylas (she/her)
    Monica Torres (they/them)
    Christopher Vilca (he/him) 

    The structure of the group will be evolving, as we seek to queer the process of leadership. 
     Who can join?
    Any LGBTQIA2+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Two Spirit, Other identities that fall under the queer umbrella) identified music therapist or music therapy student can join the group. You do not have to be an AMTA member. 

    Although the “A” in the acronym is sometimes used to indicate the word “ally,” it is also used to indicate the word “asexual.” Allies are appreciated, but only LGBTQIA2+ identified music therapists and students can join the affinity group. 


Currently the LGBTQIA2+ Music Therapy Affinity Group’s main source of connection is through the Facebook group at: 

The group leadership can also be contacted at:

What about Team Rainbow? 

Team Rainbow, founded in 2009, is still an active work group of LGBTQ+ music therapists and allies who continue to pursue their mission of research, trainings, and writing on queer topics and music therapy. Although the Team Rainbow name and members had been interpreted by many as the LGBTQIA2+ Music Therapy Affinity group, it was not designed to nationally represent music therapists/students in the way that affinity groups have developed in recent years. Team Rainbow is 100% supportive of the newly formed affinity group and leadership. If you have further questions about the relationship between Team Rainbow and the LGBTQIA2+ Music Therapy Affinity Group, please email the address listed above.