Membership Support

Already a member of AMTA within the New England Region? Great! You are automatically a member of the New England Region of the American Music Therapy Association. Joining NER-AMTA has many benefits including opportunities for membership and conference support, networking, and becoming part of the community of music therapists and allies who supports you. NER-AMTA welcomes professional music therapists, allied health professionals, students, professors, and the community.

For more information regarding the AMTA membership and how it benefits you, click here or visit https://www.musictherapy.org/members/benefits/


Stay up to date with NER-AMTA by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Following our social media accounts will provide you with access to opportunities for scholarships, membership and conference support, and knowledge on regional and national initiatives.

Membership Support

The NER-AMTA strives to support music therapists in the region who want to become members, but may need some additional support. Through our Pay it Forward Campaign, professional music therapists may submit an application for financial support toward their AMTA membership. This is an effort to welcome as many professional members to the region as we can.

Click here for more information regarding the Pay it Forward Campaign.

Conference Support

The NER-AMTA aims to provide scholarships for professional music therapists who are planning to attend the annual NER conference to apply towards their conference fees. Interested in where this year’s NER conference is being held? Check the conference tab above!

New Professional Members

We encourage music therapy interns who have reached the midpoint in their internship to complete the Welcome to the Profession Intern Packet through AMTA. Please click here to learn more and apply.

If you are new to the region, please be sure to update your information in CBMT and AMTA databases to notify us of your move. Additionally, follow our social media pages to receive news updates for our region.

Contact Us

For more information regarding NER-AMTA membership, please reach out to… membership@musictherapynewengland.org