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Full-Time Music Therapist Opening

At Infinity, we believe in open lines of communication regarding any of our employment positions. Please feel free to ask questions regarding pay, benefits, job responsibilities, etc. at any point during the application process. Please contact Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC, Director of Services at (860) 518-5557 or jona@infinitymusictherapy.com.

Are you a clinician who is passionate about seeing music spark a positive change in others? Are you a creative, out-of the-box thinker, who finds joy in sharing clinical ideas with others? Are you looking for a place to help you grow? If so, Infinity is looking for you!  We have an immediate need for a board certified music therapist to join our team (MT-BC). We want your ideas, your energy, and passion

Hours: This position is a full-time position with starting at 35-40 hours per week growing to a permanent 40hrs/week. The work week will be comprised of direct in-person client contact, telehealth sessions, office hours for planning and documentation, team meetings, supervision, office assignments and administrative work, and traveling in between clients. 

Schedule: We are seeking an immediate hire. This position will include daytime, afternoon, and evening hours based upon the needs of our clients. Many of our clients request sessions from 3:30pm-7:30pm in the evening. In order to condense the driving schedule, some days may be 10hrs while other days may be as short as about 4hrs. This position will include hours Tuesday-Saturday. 

Location: This position will primarily include assignments in New Haven and Fairfield Counties. You will be required to meet at our Southington clinic every Tuesday for team meetings.

Team-based Model: Infinity works on a team-based model. We believe in collaborating on cases and we utilize internal reporting procedures as well as team meetings in order to prepare to cover cases and engage in continuing education together. We meet together weekly to report on cases, engage in self-care, supervision, and deepen our clinical skill set. We have a supervisor on-call at all times so you never feel unsupported in the field. In addition, you will receive weekly supervision and can access the team for additional supervision sessions on a regular basis. 

Salary:  This position will be paid an hourly rate during an orientation period. You will be paid for client contact time, data/documentation, planning, travel time in between clients, office assignments, etc. Once orientation is completed, you will be transitioned to a salaried status. In addition, this position is eligible for yearly bonuses for stellar work and maintaining productivity quotas. This position starts at $40k/yr plus benefits.

Responsibilities: As a member of our team, you will be expected to provide individual and group music therapy sessions to children and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, neurological needs, wellness needs, etc. (As you grow with us, we will work hard to build your caseload with your desired populations). You will be expected to write treatment plans, keep accurate data, write clinical reports, and ensure that client schedules are maintained. You may participate in treatment team meetings, assist with team functions including marketing events, and complete general administrative tasks such as keeping your time sheet and maintaining client budget spreadsheets. In addition, you may be asked to fulfill non-clinical responsibilities such as teaching music lessons or providing music enrichment groups. 

Populations/ Types of Sessions: The biggest populations served at Infinity include children diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, and communication disorders, children in foster care with and without a mental health diagnosis, and adults with developmental disabilities within a group home or day program setting. Our services are spread out between being in clinic, in home, in school (on the IEP), and in group home settings. We also receive referrals for adults in memory care settings, drug and alcohol rehab, children and adults with problem sexual behaviors, and individuals without a diagnosis looking for music enrichment/ music lessons. Our sessions are evenly divided between group and individual settings.

Benefits: We are proud to offer our employees a variety of benefits. Benefits increase as employees transition from part-time to full-time status and as they increase their time with the company. 

Our benefits for our part-time staff include:

  • Professional liability insurance (at hire)
  • Paid trainings (some eligible for CMTEs-at hire)
  • Work Cell phone (within 30-days of hire)
  • Continuing education stipend (after 6months of hire)
  • Paid Time Off (after 6-months of hire)
  • Paid Time Off for continuing education (after 6-months of hire)
  • Comprehensive lending library of materials (at hire)
  • Access to group rates for AFLAC (supplemental health insurance, after 90 days of employment)
  • Health care insurance reimbursement (after 90 days of employment)
  • Paid holidays on a regular workday (once salaried)
  • HIPAA compliant email server (at hire)
  • CBMT Maintenance fees (after 90-days of employment)
  • CMTE tracking assistance (at hire)
  • Individual/ group supervision (at hire)
  • Free coffee/ tea at our clinic (at hire-sometimes it’s the little things!)
  • Direct Deposit (within 2 pay periods)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (at hire)
  • $1000.00 sign-on bonus
  • Retirement Plan with matching contribution 

Infinity’s “Claim to Fame”: We believe we are the future of healthcare and we’d love for you to be part of that journey. Here are some of our team’s accomplishments:

  • Only practice in the state of CT offering Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth (MTACB) and Music Therapy Creative Arts Birth Education (MTCAB)
  • Featured on NBC CT and Channel 8 news
  • Featured on Forget Dis’ Podcast, The Record Journal (local newspaper), The Day (local newspaper), MusicTherapyEd.com, and Your Mind Matters Radio Show
  • Presented as a team on self-care in the workplace at the New England Region Music Therapy Conference
  • Our team presents 12+ times a year at the local and national level regarding the applications of music in healthcare and education
  • Our Director of Services has 3 continuing education courses through the Spiegal Academy
  • We have supported 30 students through 3 different internship programs and practicum placements

This position is for you if….

  • You have experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities.
  • You love getting feedback (how else do we grow?).
  • You love giving feedback to others and growing as a team.
  • You are confident in your music skills and counseling skills.
  • A full inbox is a nightmare! You are quick to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls.
  • You are comfortable commuting to your sessions and you have reliable transportation.
  • You are committed to growing your clinical skills.
  • You can effectively communicate in written and spoken English.
  • You are a flexible, go with the flow type of person.
  • You are a strong clinical writer.
  • You can work independently and seamlessly transition to a group model.
  • You have availability to take on regular assignments.
  • You are comfortable with organizational tasks in the office.

We definitely want to hear from you if…

  • You are comfortable using sign language within music therapy.
  • You have experience teaching adaptive music lessons.
  • You are interested in getting trained in music therapy assisted childbirth or are already trained.
  • You have a strong mental health background.
  • You speak Spanish.
  • You have experience using telehealth.
  • You are able to balance your work and your personal life and actively utilize self-care strategies.
  • You have a sense of humor.
  • You understand the nature of private practice.
  • You have strengths in coordinating and executing projects.
  • You consider yourself to be knowledgeable about various forms of technology and applications within music therapy.
  • You have additional certifications/ training beyond your MT-BC

This position is NOT for you if…

  • You constantly have “last minute” things that pop up.
  • The thought of asking a question to a supervisor makes you nervous.
  • You are not comfortable with traveling to your appointments.
  • You are constantly filled with self-doubt. 
  • You are not willing to commit to a minimum of a year of service. (We need someone to grow with us that we can help support professionally and who wants to make a strong difference in our clients’ lives.)
  • You are disorganized.
  • You believe private practice is a “starter job”.

To Apply: To be considered for this position, please submit the following information to Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC, Director of Services at jona@infinitymusictherapy.com. Questions regarding the position can also be directed to the same email account or you can contact her at (860) 518-5557.

  • Cover Letter: Please include why you think you would be good fit with our practice, your available start date, and what populations you are comfortable serving
  • Current Resume: include information about the clientele you have served at any sites you have worked at
  • A paragraph of what you expect from a supervisor
  • A typed sample 45-min session plan for an 8-year-old with Autism who loves Disney with a focus on communication skills. Please include two (2) goals with two (2) objectives each.
  • A typed sample 45-min session plan for a group of 15-year old adolescents in therapy for anger management. Please include two (2) goals with two (2) objectives each.
  • A short video demonstrating your vocal and guitar skills (at least two songs)