NER-AMTA Board Position Openings:

AMTA Student Affairs Advisory Board (SAAB, NER rep), to be filled as soon as possible.⁣
⁣Requirements for all openings: professional music therapist, AMTA member.⁣
1. To establish and strengthen a positive and productive relationship between students and professionals of the organization.⁣
2. Consult and advise students regarding any concerns brought to their attention by students or concerning students.⁣
3. To encourage and support students’ professional involvement and growth within AMTAS and eventually AMTA.⁣
NER Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee:⁣
Goal: To identify, address, and implement necessary steps to uncover and dismantle the systems that reinforce oppression in NER.⁣
*Committee members will maintain communication with the AMTA DEIAJ Committee, with the potential to serve as the NER rep on the national committee.
Membership Committee (NER rep):
1. To ensure the growth and development of AMTA by determining ways to increase
2. To promote the value of all categories of AMTA membership.
3. To evaluate the needs of AMTA members.
If interested, please email⁣: