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NER board Openings

Calling all NER-AMTA Members,

We are looking to fill several non-voting positions and we need you!  Please share your passion for music therapy and willingness to serve.  The NER-AMTA Extended Board is interested in finding the ideal candidates for these regional positions.  Please send your Statement of Interest describing your qualifications and interest in being considered for these positions to Judy Nguyen Engel, NER-AMTA President, All Submissions due by 10/31/17.

NER Historian

**This is a brand NEW position**

-Passion for capturing and preserving history of music therapy the New England region

-See NER Bylaws, Article V Section 4 for additional information

Muse Newsletter Editor  

-Professional AMTA member

-Excellent written communication skills

-Computer literacy, specifically with MailChimp

-See NER Bylaws, Article V Section 3 for additional information


NER Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (3 positions) GOAL: to promote inclusion and diversity within the NE region

·       2 year service commitment

·       Reports to Diversity and Multiculturalism committee representative, who will act as the Board liaison

·       Has a strong interest in creating and identifying ways for inclusion

NER Internal and External Funding Task Force (3 positions) GOAL: to explore internal and external funding for development and research of music therapy in the New England region

·       Will report guidance and tasks for implementation

·       1 year service commitment

·       Research expertise

·       Interest and willingness for research and grant writing

·       Reports to Research committee representative and Financial Chair, who will act as the Board liaisons


All committee representatives are required to: maintain professional AMTA membership, attend regional and national conferences which include board meetings, and conference calls, and lastly work well as part of a team.


Standards of Clinical Practice Committee Representative (will begin tenure Spring 2018)

-Professional AMTA membership required.

-Two years of clinical experience desirable.

-Familiarity with the AMTA Standards of Clinical Practice required.

-See AMTA’s Handbook for Councils and Standing Committees for full positions details.

-AMTA regional/national conference required

Research Committee Representative

-Professional AMTA membership required.

-Experience with and knowledge of research methodology required.

-Graduate degree desirable

-Publication(s) desirable

-Previous committee experience desirable

-See AMTA’s Handbook for Councils and Standing Committees for full positions details

-AMTA regional/national conference required

Please note: The requirements listed after each standing committee position were taken from the AMTA Handbook for Councils and Standing Committees.

The NER Extended Board Appointment Process

1) Candidates submit their statement of interest to the NER-AMTA President.

2)  The President will review the pool of candidates for each position and select the person that is best suited for the position.

3) The President will then present the name of the nominee to the NER-AMTA Executive Board, along with their statement of interest.

4) The NER-AMTA Executive Board will then vote to affirm the President’s choice for the appointment.  If affirmed, the nominee selected is confirmed to the committee/position.  If the candidate is not affirmed, the President will again review the pool of candidates and/or continue a search for the person best suited for the position and resubmit a name to the NER-AMTA Board for their approval.