Special Announcements

NER Statement

Dear NER-AMTA Community,
Our national and regional organizations are in a time of deep reflection. This is long overdue. In
response to the recent alleged harm done to members by AMTA leadership, some of which is
under investigation and remains confidential, NER and other regions have been considering the
best path forward, including asking for specific resignations. NER Assembly Delegates and Board
members have worked tirelessly this past week on statements, letters, and action plans aimed
at directly addressing these issues.
In the AMTA Business Meeting on Friday, October 15th, a symbolic vote took place calling for
reflection by national leadership on their fitness to serve. While some of us had mixed feelings
about this vote, primarily due to a fear that those most likely to resign might be members some
of us feel could be an essential part of rebuilding, we honor the call for reflection that came
directly from AMTA membership.
The wording of the motion voted on:
“Move that the membership acknowledges our harmful current system and processes and each
of our parts in it, and that current board members and those on the ballot for the next election
reflect on their fitness regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice to serve on the board at
this time. If they do not feel fit to serve, those members should resign or resign from their
We will repost the minutes from the AMTA Business Meeting as soon as they are available.
Unfortunately, there are legal issues with the recording being shared, so a recording will not be
available. Another important note is for members to please check their emails for the AMTA
2022-2023 Term Officer Election. The voting period started on Monday, October 18th and will
end on Wednesday, October 27th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.
I also ask our regional Extended Board members to consider whether we are fit to serve our
NER membership. This includes questions about whether each person feels a personal
commitment to the collective good, is committed to do the work necessary to understand our
own privileges and biases, is committed to serving in a way that is inclusive and gives our many
voices opportunities to contribute, and is committed to making AMTA an organization where all
members feel heard and valued. When harm occurs within our organization, it erodes trust that
can only be repaired through meaningful action and careful reflection. We must be willing to do
the work, and we must do better.
In service,
Brian Jantz, MA, MT-BC
President, NER-AMTA
Supported by:
Adrienne Flight, MMT, MT-BC
Immediate Past President, NER-AMTA
Wendy Krueger, MA, MT-BC
President-Elect, NER-AMTA
Kathlynn C. Sell, MT-BC
Vice President, NER-AMTA
Mary Reinsch, MT-BC
Vice President-Elect, NER-AMTA
Shannon Laine, MT-BC
Standards of Clinical Practice Committee Representative, NER-AMTA
Mark Fuller, MT-BC
Membership Committee Representative, NER-AMTA
DEI Committee Representative, NER-AMTA
Shannon Kiley, MM, MT-BC
NER Representative, AMTA-DEI Committee
Tim Honig, MMT, MT-BC
Assembly-Elect Delegate Alternate, NER-AMTA
Cecilia Burns, MMT, MT-BC
Secretary, NER-AMTA
Judy Engel, MM, MT-BC
Past President, NER-AMTA
Meredith Pizzi, MPA, MT-BC
Assembly Delegate Alternate, NER-AMTA
Kari O’Briant, MMT, MT-BC
Treasurer, NER-AMTA
Jennifer Sokira, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC
Disaster Response Representative, NER-AMTA
Nancy Perkins, MA,CMT
Conference Site Chair
Kayla C. Daly MA, MT-BC, LMHC
SAAB Representative, NERAMTA
Channing Shippen, MA, MT-BC
Assembly-Elect Delegate, NER-AMTA
Heather Wagner, PhD, MT-BC
Assembly Delegate, NER-AMTA