NER Statement

Dear NER Community,


As we all process the violent attack on the Capitol Building by a largely white mob of people this week, we wish to make it clear that we condemn this violent behavior and the leaders who contributed to it. The glaring racism that is present in the jarring discrepancies between the violent treatment of Black Lives Matter activists in 2020 versus the treatment of a predominantly white group of armed, violent attackers this week was yet another reminder of the racism that is ever-present in this country. 


We hope that you will join us in our commitment to uncovering internalized racism, critically examining beliefs and practices, and working toward a safer, more just future for our colleagues and clients. NER’s DEI Committee is an important part of the journey toward anti-oppression. To that end, we invite you to attend the next monthly Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Gathering on January 17, 2021. Each person’s experiences are important, so we hope that you will complete the DEI survey before it closes on January 31, 2021. This confidential survey will inform the Committee’s next steps in promoting an anti-oppressive, safe, and inclusive region. The survey can be found here


We continue to seek opportunities for healing, reflection, and dialogue. You may find a list of useful resources, compiled by NER’s DEI Committee, on the Committee’s page of our website. We wish to thank NER’s DEI Committee for their work, and look forward to the ways in which this work will contribute to change. 


In service,

Adrienne Flight MMT, MT-BC

President, NER-AMTA 


Brian Jantz, MA, MT-BC

President-Elect, NER-AMTA