We are holding space for the Anna Maria College music therapy community. Since 1976, Anna Maria students, faculty, supervisors, and alumni have been integral in the New England music therapy community and beyond. It is hard to imagine, but we recently received word that the entire Anna Maria College music department, including its music therapy program, is being discontinued. To the Anna Maria community, please know that you are, and always will be, valued and welcomed in the New England music therapy community. We look forward to staying connected even after the Anna Maria program is officially closed. 


Please look for an update soon on an NER community gathering that will focus on this topic and other happenings that have impacted our NER community. 


If you are interested in how the Anna Maria community has responded to this news, please visit the link below:

In service,

Brian Jantz, President, NER-AMTA

Wendy Krueger, President-Elect, NER-AMTA

Adrienne Flight, Immediate Past President, NER-AMTA