Upcoming NER Elections

All current NER-AMTA members:

We will be electing a new slate of officers as well as Assembly Delegates at our upcoming regional conference.


We are seeking nominations for Assembly Delegates. All members in good standing are eligible for nomination. The Assembly of Delegates is the legislative and policy-making body of AMTA.   Each region sends a certain number of delegates, based on regional membership numbers.


Currently, NER sits a 5-delagate representation in the Assembly; the President assumes one of those spots. We also are required to have alternates in the case a primary delegate is not available. Delegates also serve as part of the executive board of NER (voting member).

The NER delegates serve as a voice of the region. All delegates must make a commitment to attend national conferences, as this is when Assembly business is conducted. This is a 2-year commitment, with opportunity to serve again if nominated and voted in.


If you are interested in this position, I would encourage you to review:

Expectations of the roles of Assembly Delegate and Alternate: http://youtu.be/hoYACzlYHnM


Please submit your nomination and a brief bio directly to Eve Montague, MT-BC, Immediate Past-President, NER at evemontague@verizon.net


Nominations must be received no later than Friday April 10, 2015.

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