Sand Tray

Experience a brand new creative modality: Come play in the sand! Sandtray sessions offered by Lisa Kynvi are individual, and last 60-75 minutes. See the YouTube video and written description and payment information below for more information. Reserve your time by signing up registering here:

You enter a room with many boxes full of miniatures that reflect most everything you can think of. We sit down and chat a bit about how you are, what this process is like, what you think you might want to explore today. I introduce options and help you decide how you want to proceed. You select a tray full of sand, and start with just being present and feeling the sand with your hands.
You might enthusiastically embrace this experiential modality, or it might feel very strange at first. The nature of sandtray is to be spontaneous and playful; this is a liminal world, like a beach. Sand is in-between, both fluid and still solid, lending itself beautifully to exploration via a 3-D art process in which you can choose and touch and move images and symbols in a world you create.
This is like getting to play in your own dreams; the idea is not to think too much, to just move into a creative process, and go with it. This modality allows you to freely express and explore personal and professional growth.
You might set out with nothing particular in mind, simply browsing and choosing miniatures that call you, then following your hands as you place them in the sand, creating your world through the use of symbolism.
You might start with a particular question in mind, or perhaps a goal, or a struggle. You can enter this work holding both an idea and openness to whatever happens.
The scene you create in the sand might function as a mirror so you can see your inner experience more clearly, and reflect on it more deeply.
As you work, I’ll be there as a witness, observing, and available to answer any questions you might have. I’m there to help create and hold a free & protected space in which you can work/play, to encourage you to validate and respect your unconscious, and to urge you toward an ever more compassionate stance toward yourself.
Whatever emerges for you, you’ll know when it is finished. You will then decide how much you want to talk about it, how much you want to include me in your processing (I don’t interpret, but I am available to listen to you, to reflect, and also to ask clarifying questions, if you would like.) I will take photographs, and will send them to you via email. You leave with your sandtray in tact.
Please feel free to email ( or call (508-395-8712) with further questions!
The suggested donation is on a sliding scale:  $50 to $80 for AMTA Professional Members and $100 to $130 for Professional Non-Members $25 to $50 for students. All proceeds are generously donated to NER-AMTA.
Pay Here:
Please save your paypal receipt as your ticket for this experience. You may present it on your electronic device or print out as verification.