Jeans In January

The NER’s Winter Fundraiser:

“Jeans in January”

Here’s how it works: for any day in January that you
wear jeans to work, you would contribute $1.00 to
NER’s ongoing fundraising efforts.

And…………… every musician LOVES a
“variation on a theme”:
Recognizing that some employers do have
specific dress codes, consider these options:

Music Monday (Wear something that represents Music Therapy)
T-shirt Tuesday (Wear a Music Therapy organization’s T-Shirt)
Wooly Wednesday (Wear something made of wool)
Thermal Thursday (Wear something thermal)
Flannel Friday (Wear something flannel)

Draw an awareness to Music Therapy! Invite your co-workers to
support Music Therapy by participating with you.
At the end of the month, contribute your donation to NER!
Our fundraising efforts continue to benefit the Membership Support Program,
offering our members assistance to provide the most up-to-date
and quality services that can be provided to the public and
our clients.